Middletown Art Group members Show May 2005 , Orange Hall Gallery, SUNYOrange, Middletown, NY. Members Show 2006 will take place May 10 - June 12. You must be a member of Middletown Art Group to enter.

Entries. Alphabetical by artist's last name. Page 5- N-W. * Winner of Award of Excellence. #Honorable Mention.

Starr Novak-Acrylic

Star Novak-Mixed Media

"Weapons of Mass Destruction"
Carol Ann O'Connor-Collage

Carol Ann O'Connor-Collage

Richard Ochs-Watercolor

Richard Ochs-Watercolor"

"Skeeter, A Memory"
Beverly Petrozak-Pastel

"First Run"
Beverly Petrozak-Oil

"Minnewaska Falls"
Joe Poptanich-Oil

Joe Poptanich-Oil

Evelyn Porter-Mixed Media

"Jewels of the Earth"
Evelyn Porter-Colored Pencil

"Sketches For Painting
Anne Riblett-Oil

"Farm Outside Montgomery, NY"
Ethel Roebuck-Pastel

"Russian Costume"
Mary Mugele Sealfon-Oil

Mary Mugele Sealfon-Pastel

Jacqueline Sharkey-Watercolor

Jacqueline Sharkey-Collage

"Self Portrait, 2004"
Patricia Simms-Oil

"Last of Summer's Flowers"
Patricia Simms-Oil

"La Fontana"#
Tom Spisany-Pastel

"Atlantic Sunset
Tom Spisany-Pastel

"Girl Listening to Letter"*
Chris Stevens-Watercolor

"The Grist Mill"
Ronnie Timonee-Vuolo-Colored Pencil

"1st Presbyterian Church, Goshen NY"
Ronnie Timonee-Vuolo-Watercolor

"The Barber"
Fred Truchess-Oil

"Bob's Garden Table"
Karl Volk-Watercolor

"Times Square Team"
Karl Volk-Watercolor

"Resplendant Summer"
M. E. Whitehill-Watercolor

"Gomez Mill"
M. E. Whitehill-Watercolor

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