Middletown Art Group members Show May 2006, Orange Hall Gallery, SUNY Orange, Middletown, NY.

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* Winner of Award of Excellence. #Honorable Mention.

"The Valley"
Starr Novak - Acrylic

"The Family"
Starr Novak

"Fat candle"
Margarita Ostergaard - Oil

Margarita Ostergaard - Oil

Beverly Petrozak - Pastel #

Beverly Petrozak - Photography

"Annabelle, My Great Granddaughter"
Joe Poptanich- Oil

"Self Portrait"
Joe Poptanich - Oil

"Reading in the Afternoon"
Raymond Scheuttich - Oil

"De Colores"
Raymond Scheuttich - Oil

"Day At The Beach"
Mary Mugele Sealfon - Oil

"Old Friends"
Mary Mugele Sealfon - Pastel

"View From the Deck In Winter"
Pat Simms - Oil

Elaine Sinnard - Oil

"The Trestle"
Tom Spisany - Pastel

"The Banjo"
Tom Spisany - Pastel *

"The Knitting Lesson"
Chris Stevens - Watercolor

"Rat Maiden"
Lydia Strawbridge - Mixed/Print

Lydia Strawbridge - mixed/Print

"The Flying Dragon"
M. E. Whitehill - watercolor
Best in Show
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